Teaching & Research

Teaching and training

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, is a major London teaching hospital. All clinical Consultant staff participate in teaching medical students, post-graduate doctors and other groups, including overseas visitors and clinical observers.

There is an ongoing training programme which incorporates didactic sessions, bedside teaching, journal club, morbidity and mortality and radiology.

Regular appraisal and support is provided for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

Research and development

Multi-disciplinary involvement in the research process is seen as key to increasing the relevance of projects funded by the NHS, and ensuring the eventual uptake of validated research evidence.

Ongoing research in liver failure includes projects on immune dysfunction, renal and adrenal failure, encephalopathy, prognostic modelling, cardiorespiratory pathophysiology and trials in the efficacy of extracorporeal liver assist devices, transplant tolerance, hepatocyte transplantation, acute liver failure and cerebral oedema, sepsis, alcohol related liver disease and viral hepatitis.

A wide range of other research interests are active in the Institute of Liver Studies, including clinical, transitional and basic research.

A list of significant/recent publications in peer-reviewed journals is available here. Textbook chapters are not included.