Key Services

Services for critical illnesses and intensive care

The Liver Intensive Care is an active service which admits more than 1000 patients per year. Requirements for intensive care range from an overnight stay following a short illness or major surgery to the management of multi-organ failure or chronic illness which may require a more protracted stay.

The Liver Intensive Care is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for the management of liver disease. We have a special interest in the management of acute liver failure, complications of portal hypertension and chronic liver disease and liver transplantation. We are a regional referral centre for Hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders and liver trauma.

We also admit large numbers of patients from other disciplines, and have a pedigree in the management of complex haematology, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgical patients requiring circulatory support (including mechanical assist) and general medical and surgical patients.

A significant proportion of the case-mix consists of patients with complex needs, for whom the input of number of different medical specialities is required to attain the best possible outcomes. All modalities of organ support are available on-site and new treatments and techniques are constantly being evaluated.

All activity is audited through the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre, and our outcomes are published on a monthly basis. Patient and relative satisfaction surveys are published bi-monthly and can be viewed via the Resource Centre.

Key messages

  • We offer a 'one-stop' centre for a range of critical illnesses. We are one of a very few providers worldwide who are able to offer this facility.
  • We are amongst the best of breed globally.
  • The unit offers highly specialist, aggressive treatment with highly trained consultant input.
  • We are distinctive from a conventional ITU.
  • Other hospitals refer to us, often in life-saving situations.
  • We are unique in the UK.