Clinical Organisation

The Institute of Liver Studies is also comprised of the following senior medical staff:

  • 8 Consultant Hepatologists
  • 8 Consultant Transplant and Hepatobilary Surgeons
  • 3 Consultant Histopathologists
  • A Professor of Liver Immunopathology
  • 4 Consultant liver radiologists
  • 6 Consultant transplant and hepatobiliary anaesthetists

The Liver Intensive Care Unit is closely allied to the other liver services and all patients are discussed in a multi-disciplinary forum on a daily basis. This ensures that critically unwell patients benefit from specialist intensive care AND input from world-class hepatologists and hepatobiliary/liver transplant surgeons.

A similar structure is in place at the London Bridge Hospital. Patients admitted under the care of the Liver Intensive Care consultants are discussed with (and reviewed by) the same group of hepatologists and surgeons.

It is worth noting that it is entirely appropriate to refer patients directly to the Liver Intensive Care consultants. Multi-disciplinary input is assured.

When a patient is well enough to be transferred out of ICU to the general ward, it is usual practice for the care to then be referred to the appropriate hepatologist or surgeon.